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After visiting this root-site; access is will no longer be public but private, the next portion; the Idea Engine (site) is for Club Members only.  In fact, one will not be able to access this venue without an invitation, plus one does not have to even visit this venue (root-site) at all, you are not obligated to read any further of what 'we' write, share and so forth.  So with this please feel free to move on.  The upcoming community portion will be by invitation only and for those who signed up to be testers.  Throughout this root-site I give reasons and details about this, sometimes in repetition, especially if it is crucial.

FYIThere is a crucial read on the bottom of the page 'Community.'

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imageHey! What is this? A small root-site nested between cCc and the actual 'Idea-Engine' site. But why?

For those who continued reading; there is a few reasons for this root-site (classic type site), one intention is that this content loads much faster, we are able to store more in this format than others, finally is that some of the phones senior citizens use will be able to access this site before others as here everything is in plain text.  So in principle it is due to loading speed, storage consideration and concern for senior citizens and those with incapable phones or issues viewing text on smaller devices.  We also value creativity and in addition this provides us with a better canvass in which to express important information creatively and artistically for better understanding. 

To future club and family members, just follow along here at for the next nine-years and beyond, I assure you we will fight this 'Climate Emergency' together, it will not be an easy road, but we will have each other's support.

"Every little thing counts in a crisis." - Jawaharlal Nehru  

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"Instead of trying to be responsible for all the problems in the world, we should take on what we love and care about.... This will help us develop great faith that others are taking care of their piece. People who don't know the details about climate change may care deeply about forests, the animals, and the children. It is very important that we share, not only our merit, but also the responsibilities. Somehow we have to relieve ourselves of the enormity, which is so debilitating." - Paul Hawken

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Club Members:  It is highly advisable prior to entering the actual 'Idea-Engine' to read the the guidelines, membership price(s), policies, and terms (rules) which some are listed below and in the community page as well.  The link to enter the site will be active soon.  It will be accessible to those who sign up to be testers shortly as well.

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image| Club Members:  One main aspect of this website as well as all communities, groups, and forums created by Climate Change Community that has to be perfectly clear (especially if one creates an account) is that it is for those who are without doubt in their belief of science and the underlying causes of this emergency. Our forums and communities therefore are grounded in this certainty and if you are resolute in your anti-science or climate denial beliefs then this site will not be of any benefit to you.

“As you and I take Personal Responsibility for mending the things that are out of order in our community and nation in general, we would surely witness a transformed, developed and civilized society.” - Sunday Adelaja

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image| Club Members:  There is absolutely no immature, prejudiced, and/or reckless freedom of expression here, we are one sided in this regard, meaning we believe whole-heartedly in the destructive nature of this Climate Emergency in regard to our homes, community, humanity, living species, and environment based on science.  

“If you truly wish to change what is without, you must first change what festers within.” - Richelle E. Goodrich 

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image| Club Members:  So yes, we are biased and restrict access as we do not have the time or energy to monitor those who are here to create disharmony because of their warped ideologies. We are treating these communities as a club or family. It is about ideas and resources as the club/family's primary function and means. This leads to a stronger front in helping each other, our state, and our government which in turn improves and protects us and most importantly our children’s future. Remember that the state and government is part of our planet. If you cannot accept this, then please feel free to move on.

“The ideas I use are mostly the ideas of people who don't develop them” - Thomas Alva Edison

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image| Club Members:  Another guideline is that there is no doubt here so anyone with intentions of arguing anti-science or climate denial points of view, criticizing, and posting opposing scientific opinions that have already been established by trusted scientists and the like will not be tolerated here. These we find are for the most part grounded in the hidden motivating agenda of greed or pushing ones agenda on others.

"One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea.” - Walter Bagehot

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image| More than others some of us at Climate Change Community understand from experience that there are groups or organizations that do not subscribe to the reality of our Climate Emergency. Out of deep respect for your opinions we acknowledge that this is your right, however here we do not have time for a lack of focused seriousness, so please move your opposing views somewhere else. If you are being paid by the fossil-fuel or any other entities please consider the fact that we are working for your children’s well-being as well. There is the benefit in proclaiming this website a ‘club’ site, as it warmly welcomes members of the same mindset.

“An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.” - William Bernbach

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Resolution submitted to
United States to declare a Climate Emergency
by Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Expressing the sense of Congress that there is a climate emergency which demands a massive-scale mobilization to halt, reverse, and address its consequences and causes.

(opens as a pdf)

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"Moral certainty is always a sign of cultural inferiority. The more uncivilized the man, the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. All human progress, even in morals, has been the work of men who have doubted the current moral values, not of men who have whooped them up and tried to enforce them. The truly civilized man is always skeptical and tolerant, in this field as in all others. His culture is based on "I am not too sure."  - HL Mencken

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imageConclusion | Aside of community/forum information, from here on in one will find in these blocks a potpourri of posts relating to all types of subjects (primarily climate and quotes), such as images with impactful quotes, article excerpts, historical reminders, very specific book quotes, and more.  Ideas and suggestions will be limited to idea-engine since that is the purpose of it.

Why, the special emphasis on the very specific book quotes?  I have personally read several 'Climate Change' books, and digested a great deal of them, meaning I know exactly where the main points are and have already been given some permission from a few authors to share these points and thoughts as long as I link to their books.

One thing we must remember as a focal point is that we are all tackling this 'Climate Emergency' together and that being the case these two main points of a.) protecting our children's future and b.) keeping ourselves and other species off the extinction list should be our primary motivation.  If we set the priority to these two then we can progress in unison, as something that is strong among various organizations and the like is these.

Thank you for visitinng...

Change is not merely necessary to life – it is life. - Alvin Toffler 

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2019 Reminder:  "As the BBC notes, almost from the first moment that people realized that the human-caused climate crisis is real, there’s been an effort to determine how quickly action needed to be taken to stave off the worst outcomes. Could we wait 50 years? What about 30? What about 20? The answers are no, no, and no. Recent studies had indicated that avoiding severe changes and keeping our already-warming world within 1.5° C (2.7°F) of where it was just a few years ago required action to be taken within the next 12 years.

That model hasn’t really changed. What has changed is the realization that we can’t get to Jan. 1, 2030, and throw a global switch to drastically reduce greenhouse gases. If the world is going to be where it needs to be in 2030 to stave off absolute catastrophe, the solution has to begin now. And now means within the next 18 months, when a series of decisions are likely to determine if we are going to save the planet for ourselves and our children, or throw it utterly away."

Continued at Source

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Runaway Greenhouse Effect

Venus is the nearest planet to Earth, both literally and metaphorically. It is the same size as Earth, with the same mass. Yet it is also completely different—its surface is a promethean nightmare. Choking blankets of carbon dioxide have created a runaway greenhouse effect that holds the surface temperature at more than 750°F, about twice as hot as a kitchen oven.

On the Earth, there is clear evidence for the build up of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, in part because humans are burning fossil fuels. The effect is global warming, and the worry is that this could lead to a situation similar to Venus, with our planet becoming a burning hell.


Sidebar: If Earth suffered a runaway greenhouse effect, it would eventually resemble a planet like Venus.

- Excerpt from BBC May 2016 ‘The Future of Earth’ Special Edition Magazine, page 69

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"We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It is one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it is another to think that yours is the only path." - Paulo Coelho

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Climate Change invaluable work requires this critical understanding: To be effective, change must involve every segment of society working at every level of action. There is no dichotomy between “grassroots” and a “top-down” approach. The climate crisis requires action at every level of society. – Ross Gelbspan

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Ocasio-Cortez says Green New Deal critics are making 'fools of themselves'

“Historically speaking we have mobilized our country around war. It doesn’t need to be this way when the greatest existential challenge we face is climate change. We will have to mobilize our entire economy around saving ourselves and taking care of this planet.”

“A lot of what the Green New Deal is is about shifting our economic, political and social paradigms on every issue because we don’t have time to wait,” she said. “We don’t have time to wait five years for a watered down compromise solution. To think that we have time is such as privileged and removed from reality attitude that we cannot tolerate.”

- Oliver Milman in New York quoting Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Source

(Another 2019 reminder)

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What is sustainability?

[…] Sustainability or sustainable development has been described in many ways:  ‘Meeting our needs while not compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs’ (Bruntland Commission), ‘Living well within the limits of nature’ (Mathis Wackernagel), author of Sharing Nature’s Interest) or simply ‘Not cheating on our children’ (former Environment Minister John Gummer).
                Regardless of the definition, those working in the field of sustainability generally all envision sustainability as having three realms:  economic, social and environmental.  Businesses have long referred to this as the ‘triple bottom line’.  Instead of trading these realms off against one another (jobs or the environment; economic growth or environmental health; development or habitat), sustainability aims to optimize all three.
                In the long term, you can’t have one without the other. 

Excerpt from book:  ‘the business guide to SUSTAINABILITY’ by Darcy Hitchcock & Marsha Willard

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Today we use 100 million barrels of oil every single day. There are no politics to change that. There are no rules to keep that oil in the ground. So we can no longer save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have changed. So we have not come here to beg world leaders to care for our future. They have ignored us in the past, and they will ignore us again. We have come here to let them know that change is coming, whether they like it or not. The people will rise to the challenge. And since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take responsibility they should have taken long ago. Thank you. - Greta Thunberg

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From BBC | ‘The FUTURE OF EARTH, by Science Focus

If these die out, we will too


Insects have been pollinating flowers for 100 million years.  About 70 percent of our agriculture today depends on them, and bee pollination of crops has been valued at $20bn in the US.  But fertilizers, pesticides, habitat loss, invasion species, and diseases are devastating global bee populations, with potentially catastrophic consequences for food production.


These mammals play a vital role in food production, particularity in the tropics.  They pollinate flowers and disperse fruit seeds, but also consume insect pests—saving us millions of dollars in pesticides.  Without bats, we’d have no bananas, mangoes or tequila.


Earth’s richest ecosystems are coral reefs.  They offer a home to enormous biological wealth—fish, molluscs, sharks, turtles, sponges, crustaceans, and many more.  They protect coastlines from storms, filter water, and store carbon.  Not a bad effort for one percent of Earth’s surface.


Do you like breathing?  You’ve got plankton to thank for that—it produces between 50 to 85 percent of oxygen in the atmosphere.  These tiny organisms also sink carbon to the bottom of the oceans.  Not only that, they’re the base of the world’s food webs, as they are eaten by almost everything else.


Fungi are Nature’s recyclers, turning waste into vital nutrients for various plants and animals.  As well as this, they help produce various cheeses, chocolate, soft drinks, and many vita drugs, such as penicillin and cholesterol controlling statins.

From the editors of BBC – ‘The FUTURE OF EARTH, by Science Focus

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When your world is in danger, you’ve got to speak up. When everyone else is quiet and too many leaders are silent on the truth right outside the window, you’ve got to be the voice of reality. - Al Gore, The Climate Reality Project

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New Study predicts millions of Americans May be Exposed to "Off the Charts"

(search for this and listen to it carefully...)

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Ideas are the raw materials of progress. Everything first takes shape in the form of an idea. But an idea by itself is worth nothing. An idea, like a machine, must have power applied to it before it can accomplish anything. - Bertie Charles Forbes

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The reasonable man adapts himself to the world. The unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. - George Bernard Shaw
(hopefully not for long...)

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He who is firmly seated in authority soon learns to think security, and not progress, the highest lesson of statecraft. - James Russell Lowell

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Human-induced climate change was first identified in 1800 and again in 1831 by the same scientist, Alexander von Humboldt.

Though little known and studied today, Alexander von Humboldt (b. September 14, 1769) was a legend in his lifetime, and remains one of the most important scientists in history. More places and species are named after Humboldt than after any other human being. His one hundredth birthday was celebrated all over the world with festivities and parades. More than 25,000 people gathered in Central Park to pay homage, 10,000 in Pittsburgh, 15,000 in Syracuse, 80,000 in Berlin, with thousands more in Buenos Aires, Mexico City, London, and Sydney. As people around the world become more aware of how vulnerable living systems are to global warming, Humboldt’s insights and writings seem more than prescient. He is the first person to describe the phenomenon and cause of human-induced climate change, in 1800 and again in 1831, based on observations generated during his travels.


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What values do we need to be the new global cultural norms?

Clearly, we need to focus more strong on all intrinsic values.  But I want to emphasise three in particular that seem more essential now than ever.  These are values that need to prevail across all cultures of the world.  Quite apart from whether they are inherently ‘nicer’, we need them for purely practical reasons in order to survive in the Anthropocene.  Cultural diversity is a great thing, just as long as call cultures share these characteristics.  Any culture that doesn’t is unfit for the twenty-first century, and we should all have a problem with it.

Here are the three values:

(1)  All people are inherently equal in their humanity.  With this comes the principle that all should be allowed, encouraged and enabled to live their lives in whatever way they find meaningful, provided this negotiated alongside the equal rights of others to do likewise.  (The principle, of course, includes but is not restricted to all questions of equality of race, gender, class, nationality, religion, sexuality, and anything else you care to mention.)
(2) Respect and care for the world; its beauty, life-supporting complexity and all its life forms. 
(3) Respect for truth-for its own sake.  The honouring of facts, as far as they can be discerned.  Allowing others to have the clearest view of whatever you or they may deem to be evidence.  Transparency over reasons, methods and personal interests.

– Mike Berners-Lee, Book Excerpt:  ‘THERE IS NO PLANET B’ – A handbook for the Make or Break Years.

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Stéphane Le Foll Excerpt from Josh Tickell’s book:  KISS the GROUND, he is referencing his meeting with Prime Minister of France, Stéphane Le Foll at the time of COP21.

 But to solve the question of the storage of carbon, it’s necessary that we have accompanying public policies.  And we cannot succeed without farmers.  Our farmers started this a long time ago.  It was our Brittany grandfathers who said, “There are three elements to agriculture:  manure, manure, and manure.”  So this idea of working with nature existed since the beginning of agriculture here.  We are going to better utilize natural mechanisms before going against them in the development of our agricultural production.  In France we call that agroecology, and it’s going to utilize a lot more of what nature is able to offer us so that we may produce more, and produce it better. 
     This is not only about self-preservation. 

Excerpt from Josh Tickell’s book:
  KISS the GROUND, he is referencing his meeting with Prime Minister of France, Stéphane Le Foll at the time of COP21.

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We eat hamburgers made from beef gazed on lands cleared from tropical forests that once contained vast amounts of carbon.  When those forests are burned, that carbon is released into the atmosphere as CO2.  In addition, the animals destined for our hamburgers produce huge amounts of methane, which is twenty-three times more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.  The jets that bring us grapes from Chile and shrimp from Thailand create more of these gases.  And then there is what we discard.  While much of it gets stowed away out of sight nearby, or dumped into waterways and carried to the ocean, some of the most toxic substances find a home in the bodies of the world’s poor who don’t have access to clean water.  We have regulations, laws, police, and armies trying to protect us and keep order among us, however our efforts to protect our planet and other forms of life fall short.   – Peter Seidel, Excerpt from book – ‘THERE IS STILL TIME!’

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There are two main policy responses to climate change:  mitigation and adaptation.  Mitigation addresses the root causes, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while adaptation seeks to lower the risks posed by the consequences of climate changes.  Both approaches will be necessary, because even if emissions are dramatically decreased in the next decreased, adaptation will still be needed to deal with the global changes that have already been set in motion. -  Grantham Research Institute and Duncan Clark | Source

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Climate Change/Crisis/Emergency Related Video Playlist 

“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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