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imageReading climate and environmental related books and articles has become one of my interest due to the gravity of our Climate Emergency.  It is now a necessity to learn about this since it sits in all of our lives.  The fact that some of the solutions, ideas, and suggestions as well as resources in these books and other places do not abound widely when they should is extremely scary.   Even important discourse and rhetoric had been all but null.

Millons of us are deeply concerned regarding the current climate emergency and so this is where a large part of our current priorities reside for many of us; many are applyinng actions and/or are speaking out daily.  Our own primary endeavors here now are to assist by pointing towards climate adaptation and mobilization resources throughout these websites.

Many of us are so very encouraged by the knowledge and perseverance towards spreading information about the current climate situation by scientists, authors, activist and our young people (and now our government). Their incredible efforts to make us aware, keep us up-to-date and most of all pushing to see a viable change towards a livable planet and this in and of itself should encourage all of us to support with some type of action(s).

This has encouraged many of us and at the same time made us really concerned with the thought of what are some of the things we can do to help benefit others from home towards both mobilizing and adapting. Emotionally many of us were torn by what is happening regarding the current Climate Emergency and like many others we have been deeply affected by the direction mankind is going. We were also very sadden that those in the positions to make an obvious difference are indifferent and have their priorities in the wrong direction. These companies and individuals who are ruled by a life tendency of greed and lack ethical sensibility astounds many of us to say the least.

Regarding climate change it has never been about a political party or financial gain; it is about protecting the future of human life and living species (we are hearing this now from many sources, not just scientists). Many of us also regard climate change a moral and ethical issue and as well many of us are opting to
transform ourselves which in turn transforms our planet towards a more sustainable and habitable place for our children and their future. 


imageCreated with humanity's children in mind, this site is for all communities world-wide.   For the most part, I do not like using the word 'I' as it is to me not inclusive, I much prefer, we, us, all of us or we-the-people and throughout the site(s) I keep this at the very minimal except for a few pages where I have to or at my personal website.  It is not about me or you, it is about us, we or more importantly our kids and the continuation of our species on this planet, this is what it is about.

Everything that I have written (posted or will post) myself is an opinion or an idea, one does not have to agree with these ideas and by all means life-lessons are not perfect, so please expect my transformational growth here and there (sometimes mistakes are inevitable).  We are human therefore if I am incorrect or in the center of a progression of a particular idea at times I acknowledge this; hence I will readily admit my errors, lack of understanding, new awareness and rebound myself from there. 

In regard to Web Design, I do my own (learning) and have my own design style in mind.  If we are going to face this climate crisis calmly, then we have to each individually change some ways of presenting information that differs from others or the norm at times in order to reach and help more people than just those we are hoping to gain financially from.

Presenting ideas and exchanges of information should not always have attached to it methods to make financial gain, especially in an emergency.  This is very crucial, we are in an emergency not a money making endeavor.  This is one reason why we decided on setting the membership fee to be within future club member's means financially.

Climate Emergency is not something to be taken lightly at this point so please note that is where I am coming from the 99% of the time. 

All of our immediate goals I can tell at this moment is for all of us to find ways to make the Green New Deal come to life in each and every single person's life (not just our own).  We in our own unique way can contribute to the Green New Deals birth and growth as it ultimately affects us all, many organizations such as the Sunrise Movement for example are already leading in this endeavor.  Remember I know very little and this applies to UN's SDGs and the Green New Deal, although I am hoping some of the ideas I present can be applied as a add-on to the Green New Deal or if not then I hope they can be of use to someone, somewhere.  This 'Climate Emergency' is beyond crucial now, and all Climate Action should now be as well!

Four things that I suggest we can (or must) each do immediately ourselves (we will adjust these again for idea engine)…

1.   No more burning fossil-fuels for recreation.  Use our vehicles only for (necessities) family functions, religious activities, food shopping, and especially work, and even then find ways to carpool while doing these actions or going to malls and recreational venues.  Cut back on traveling for leisure or if possible walk or bus to the store or your destination if close enough.  Not everyone agrees with this however, it might become necessary or some guidelines might be on the horizon in terms of this.

2.   Plant trees in front, back and inside your house.  Make your backyard like a small forest.  Some tips are on board regarding this in the upcoming idea-engine.  Also, there are 3 types of plants everyone should have in their homes that filter (create) the air incredibly.  I will post these soon in the idea-engine.

3.   Companies change work days to 4 days a week by extending hours to four of the days or telecommute.  We wonder if this will become a necessity and if not now, then eventually.

4.  Count down on meat consumption big time, perhaps decrease weekly intake, maybe switch a few days to meatless options or order fast-food plant based alternatives.  Both Burger Kind and Dunkin Donuts now offer these options and probably a few others, something we are sure will grow in time.

Along with transforming ourselves there are practical (and not so practical) actions that are powerful and impactful we could all do right now, each and every one of us, only if we choose to; again these will be all outlined in the 'idea engine.'  Ideally the goal is to take both distinct and cooperative action, regardless of what some say do or not do in regard to drawdown amounts, anything that both drawdowns carbon or stops pumping it up is good. 

There are even other tasks and ideas we can apply in our home basements, kitchens, and other places in our immeidate environment that will definitely prepare us.  We are very anxious to start sharing some of this information we have came across focusing on these aspects. 

Again, this is only temporary until I rebuild a world-wide online robust Climate Emergency Idea-Engine for all of us (that become Club Members) that are very serious about fighting the Climate Emergency.  It will have important features that will be a very needed benefit.  Every action now in fighting this Climate Emergency is a necessity, not an obligation, or at least it should be.

Not sure where to go next?  Simply follow the 'directory' links from page to page.  Then note that in time the 'blog pages' will evetually be dynamic (alive with regular updates).

“Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.” - Napoleon Bonaparte 

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Lack of money is no obstacle. Lack of an idea is an obstacle. - Ken Hakuta

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